Speed up your torrent downloads with seedbox

Downloading and uploading from the internet can be slow when you are using your basic internet service provider. Torrent transfers can be slower with the ISP. Seedbox is a high speed server is which BitTorrent and creed for torrent uploads and downloads. If you are BitTorrent, you definitely want to use this for your needs. It is helpful when sharing multiple files and will keep your trackers at a perfect ratio. If you pay for internet connection, you can definitely sacrifice a few more coins for this server. Private tracker users may be very competitive most times; but they cannot compete with the uploading and downloading power of the box. Even multiple torrents seeding at the same time or alternate BitTorrent settings won’t compete with this kind of power.  Currently, most can download or upload in speeds of up to 100mbps and more, which is considerably fast. At this speed, you can relax and watch as it downloads multiple files at one go. Transferring the files from the server to your PC or smart device will depend on your home ISP.

If you are more concerned about the downloading than the seeding, you can use some private trackers.  Good ratios are important, that is why this box will provide you with the perfect ratio within minutes. You will no longer have to seed the torrent for days or even weeks to find that perfect ratio on your private tracker.  Most internet server providers will throttle the BitTorrent traffic and introduce a monthly limit. When you reach the limit, you will have to wait it out.  Getting the server will help you bypass the limitations; the traffic is not counted in the internet service provider account and therefore your starts won’t be throttled. They only time it counts is when you are transferring the downloaded files.