How To Plan to Build A Safe Private Blog Network?

Before you build your PBN or Private Blog Network make plans. Building a PBN is a time consuming task and involves money. You have to consider the following before you build a PBN.

  1. Plan for the Number of PBN links

The number of PBN links in your website depends on the competition of the website. A minimum of ten PBN links will help you increase your website ranking. So plan for ten PBN links.

  1. Plan for the PBN cost involved

Building a PBN is definitely not cheap and involves a lot of money. The cost of domain, hosting and content are all involved in PBN cost. You will need to purchase a domain that has a healthy backlinks. One can give $100 for a domain. Hosting cost for a website should not exceed $20 per year. The content needs to be good for any website. So about 1000 words might cost you $10. Initially create a PBN with five to six articles and keep adding one every few months. As you add more websites to your network, you earn more and can start in invest in costlier domains.

  1. Plan for your Network Structure

If you have many websites in a network, then all PBN domains will also be in the same network. If your client has many websites then you need to create a master network for all the websites. This master network can link to all your individual clients easily. Creating a master network, protects yours from others. Also links can be shared within networks for various clients.

  1. Plan drip feeding links

The PBN link in any money website provides a very good control over anchor links and texts. Always ensure your money websites has backlinks.

  1. Plan to manage efficiently

A virtual assistant can help you do the PBN management and development efficiently. It is a lot of hard work and involves time. Create a checklist and plan things accordingly for a successful PBN service.…